Are there any life experiences or traumatic events that haven't fully been healed and keep you from living your purpose?

Both freeing and confronting, isn’t it? Accepting and embracing the fact that you’re not your past, means you have to let go. That’s the only way to reclaim your power. And while part of you wants nothing more, there’s also the part that still feels the pain. The part that still needs healing. Before it’s ready to let go.

I will provide you tools to practice yourself, so you will be empowered and self sufficient. I will help you deal with the challenges. These can be current challenges or past ones, you haven’t fully healed or integrated yet. Sometimes these very experiences are what is blocking us from living our potential. If this is the case, we’ll go deep and take out the root of the issue (often: the traumatic event) after which you can move forward with clarity and renewed energy. 


Peeling off layers

In a healing session, I use both pranic and intuitive healing to resolve any issue you may be facing. It may be something holding you back, an unresolved issue from your past or you may be looking for clarity and clear answers in a specific area. As the healing sessions are divinely guided every session is different and I too don’t know what’s going to happen in a session. What I do know is how to connect you to your heart and higher self and also how to guide you through anything that comes up, while clearing your energy body and chakras from old or stagnant energies or blocks, so that your energy can naturally flow again. 

Healing sessions can be used for physical, emotional, mental and energetic challenges, injuries, blocks. As the body, energy body and soul are directly connected, by balancing one, we balance the others as well – the same goes for the chakras. As the body stores memory, when there are unprocessed or unhealed experiences, they can show up in the physical body to be resolved. My personal view is that every dis-ease has an emotional cause and can be addressed at the root. 

After a healing session, people usually feel much lighter, more energized, clear-minded, peaceful, empowered, excited for life and joyful. This is not because I, as ‘the healer’, am a magic pill, it’s because that is YOUR natural state of being. All I do is work with Source to reconnect you to your natural state of being and resolve anything that is standing in the way of that, that is ready to be transformed. 

One thing I personally love about the healing sessions: are the shiny eyes afterward. Beauty truly comes from within

you are not your past

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Sessions can be on Zoom, or in person in either Amsterdam or on Ibiza. A session is one hour.  The investment for a 1:1 session is €250,- ex. 21% VAT.

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